Tracking Devices: Vehicle GPS, Systems & Trackers

Vehicle Tracking Benefits

Installing a tracking devices can provide tangible benefits for business owners right from the start.

Trackers save your business money by reducing the amount of fuel you use to carry out the same tasks, and by reducing out of hours vehicle usage by your employees. Often this saving alone can result in a tracker system paying for itself in 6 - 12 months.

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Trackers also help improve customer service by allowing you to keep customers informed about arrival times and detailed journey reporting. Trackers also can boost the productivity of your business by monitoring vehicle usage for unauthorised downtime.

Lastly, installing vehicle trackers can reduce the carbon footprint of a business by up to 25 per cent and this can bring a very positive message to your customers.

Types of Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle trackers can come in three different forms;
1. Passive
2. Active

Both passive and active trackers use GPS technology. The difference between the two is that active trackers constantly transmit live information about where they are, passive trackers store this information until it is downloaded at a later date.

RFID trackers are used in sophisticated bespoke tracking systems as they provide a high level of features for businesses who invest in them. Most trackers include a number of additional features beyond location information such as speed, driving style, direction, the ability to communicate with the driver and even automatic vehicle locking if it is accessed at unauthorised times.

Vehicle Tracking Devices in Ireland

Basic vehicle tracking devices can be purchased off the shelf in Ireland for as little as 100 Euros, but this can reach over 700 Euros for the most sophisticated models. Many of the most popular suppliers of GPS trackers in Ireland are online based businesses such as Spyder which specialises in providing spy equipment for business and personal use in Ireland.

Specialist tracker device companies include GPS Track Ireland which can supply and fit vehicles to your fleet from a little over 100 Euros each. Alternatively, Discreet Tracking, who have been operating for over ten years, also supply a wide range of tracking devices which are dispatched to clients ready set up so you do not need to configure them on arrival.

Vehicle Tracking Suppliers in Ireland

There are also a number of companies that specialise in supplying vehicle tracking systems for businesses. Businesses who offer this service include Mobil Information Systems who supply trackers to a number of businesses in Ireland including Morgan International Transport and Irish Towing Services.

Other specialist businesses who supply and fit tracking systems include:
• Blackbox Telematics who cover the whole of the UK and Ireland and have a large customer base
• GPS Tracker Ireland
• Asdec GPS and
• Eirtrack

Prices for systems from these companies will depend on the number of vehicles in your fleet and the features you require on your tracker. Prices on a five year contract for basic models can start from as little as 10 Euros per vehicle per month. If you opt for a bespoke RFID tracking system, then this can cost several thousand Euros.

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