Rental Costs for Franking Machines

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rental costs for franking machines

If you are looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your postage systems and cut the cost of postage, then looking at the rental costs for franking machines could be just what your business needs.

They are a great benefit to companies of any size as they:

• Save money through reducing paying excess postage charges
• Remove the risk of under paying postage and creating a bad impression on your customers
• Allow you to purchase postage at a cheaper rate than stamps and
• Save employees a huge amount of time in fixing stamps to envelopes and buying stamps

Franking Machine Rental

In all countries in the world, the franking machine industry is highly regulated and Ireland is no exception to this rule. In Ireland only three companies are authorised to sell their franking machine products and they are Pitney Bowes Ltd, Neopost Ireland Ltd, and Cass Ltd.

These companies are overseen by the Irish postal system, AN Post, who also specify which models the companies are allowed to sell. Postage top up for these machines can either be purchased online or by telephone. If you choose to invest in the online option, then you can set up automatic refills should your postage ever fall below a certain level.

Low Volume Options

Franking machine suppliers split their machines into three categories; low, mid and high volume.

Cass are suppliers of Frama franking machines and their low volume units include the Ecomail and the Officemail.

The Pitney Bowes low volume machine is the DM 50 and for Neopost the low volume models include the IS-280 and the IS-350. These machines are designed for businesses that send between 20 and 150 letters per day and typically process them at a speed of around 20 letters per minute.

The franking rental cost for a low volume model is usually somewhere around €25 to €50 per month, with longer leases having lower monthly payments. The suppliers will often give new customers a free trial of up to 30 days to try out the meters.

Mid Volume Options

These models usually rent for between €50 and €200 a month and can process between one and five hundred letters a day. At this level you get more options on your franking machine so if you want to include scales which can handle heavier weights, envelope sealers or letter folders can push the rental price up further.

High Volume Options

The highest volume franking machines can process tens of thousands of letters an hour. High volume franking machines in Ireland include the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 2000 or 3000, the Frama Mailamax Speed and the Neopost IJ-110.

These high volume mailing systems can be rented for hundreds or even thousands of euros a month depending on which features your business requires. However, because these mailing systems tend to be a bit more bespoke than low volume units, it is best to contact to the fill in this form and speak to one of our experts.

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