2015 Irish Postage Rates & Franked Mail Prices

By adopting a franking machine for your businesses mailing needs you can reduce the amount of down-time in the office while employees 'pop to the Post Office for stamps' and enhance your corporate image with your customers through customised logos and targeted marketing.


2015 Postage Prices & Rates in Ireland

The current 2015 standard postal rates from An Post for Zone 1 (Ireland and N Ireland) are as follows:

For items under 100g:
• Letter/Postcard: €0.60
• Large Envelope: €1.05
• Packet: €2.40
• Parcel: €6.50 (remains at same price up to 1Kg in weight)

Items under 250g;
• Large Envelope: €1.50
• Packet: €3.00

Items under 500g;
• Large Envelope: €2.10
• Packet: €4.00

Zone 2 Rates (UK) are as follows:

For items under 100g:
• Letter/Postcard: €0.90
• Large Envelope: €1.50
• Packet: €3.00
• Parcel: €20.00 (up to 1kg)

Zone 3 Rates (Europe)
• Letter/Postcard: €0.90
• Large Envelope: €1.50
• Packet: €3.00
• Parcel: €25.00 (up to 1kg)

Zone 4 Rates (Rest of The World)
• Letter/Postcard: €0.90
• Large Envelope: €1.65
• Packet: €3.00
• Parcel: €25.00 (up to 1kg)

For a complete list see AnPost.

However you can get lower prices if you use a Franking Machine!

Reduced Rates for Franked Mail

Businesses using a franking machine for their mail can benefit from a reduced postal rate for letters and postcards.

For items up to 100g in Zone 1 Savings Are As Follows:

• Letter/Postcard: €0.59 You save €0.01 per item!
• Large Envelope: €1.03 You save €0.02 per item!
• Packet: €2.35 You save €0.05 per item!

Start Saving With Franked Mail

For businesses of any size, whether low, mid or high-volume mail users, these reductions can make a significant contribution to lowering the overall postage budget. There are also numerous additional benefits which can be gained from using a franking system.

These include:

• Enhancing the cost efficiency and overall productivity of the business.

• The ability to offer a more professional image to customers and suppliers with the use of personalised logos, marketing slogans, return address printing and the standardisation of your mailing output.

• The opportunity to pay as you go for your postage requirements; you can credit the machine with as much or as little postage as you need, whenever you need it, using a modem connection or telephone line to re-credit as and when required.

• Expenditure can be further controlled with the ability to allow access only to authorised users; this can significantly reduce the instances of fraudulent misuse.

• Digital and electronic mailing systems allow connectivity to office computers and printers and mailing solutions such as folders and sealers; all helping to optimise functionality and productivity and, ultimately, save money.

Your Obligations to An Post

In order to take advantage of all of these benefits, An Post requires franking machine users to comply with certain regulations. First and foremost, the system may only be supplied by certain authorised distributors within Ireland.

Currently these companies are Cass Ltd, Neopost Ireland Ltd and Pitney Bowes (Ireland) Ltd. Each manufacturer offers a range of low, mid and high volume models which would be appropriate for all office needs.

These include:

The Pitney Bowes DM50 for a low volume use of up to 20 letters per day; this model is currently available on a 30 day free trail. Should the customer wish to continue using the machine, leasing rates start from €28 per month for a 12 month period.

The Pitney Bowes DM100i mid-volume machine with a processing speed of 30ppm (pieces per minute).

Neopost offer their low volume IS280 model, the mid-volume IS420 and the high volume IS480. These machines offer processing rates from 20-300 items per day and will save time and money compared to physical stamps.

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