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GPS & Vehicle Tracking

With fuel prices set to continue rising and the country still gripped by recession, businesses all across the Republic of Ireland are seeking new ways in which to keep costs down.

A GPS tracker, or vehicle tracking, has become increasingly popular in recent years throughout all industries where vehicle use is essential. These systems can be purchased for a single vehicle, or a whole fleet of vans or cars, with a range of special features and add-ons to suit your requirements.



The obvious benefit of having a GPS system and tracker installed is, of course, having control over your business mileage and spending. Drivers tend to stick to driving for work related business only, knowing they can no longer use company vehicles for private purposes. Doing so, may once have accepted by employers and passed off as a perk of the job, but fuel costs today have most definitely put an end to this practice.

Another excellent benefit of vehicle tracking is being able to pinpoint exactly where your vehicles are at all times. No more time wasted trying to find out where drivers are at various times of the day and as new jobs come in, you will be able to select the nearest driver for the job quickly and efficiently.

Some advanced systems are linked in with Google maps or similar, which is an absolute 'must have' for businesses working to a tight schedule. Being able to view traffic tailbacks, accidents, narrow bridges and new roads before your drivers will allow you to divert them to better, quicker routes and ultimately save a fortune on wasted time and wasted fuel.

Consider an insurance claim against your business where your driver is accused of being at fault. These clever little systems are capable of storing all sorts of useful information and could assist greatly in any dispute. They will also lower your vehicle insurance dramatically.

Checking map footage could save on parking tickets where disputed times can be crosschecked and covered parking signs and road markings revealed. Also consider one of your vehicles being stolen; these systems are making theft increasingly difficult and cars or vans can be traced in no time with the correct device installed.

Vehicle tracking is worth its weight in gold and will, in many different ways, not only save your business a small fortune over the course of a year; it will also protect your drivers from unfair accusations of wrongdoing.

Accredited Suppliers

There are some good online tools available that will allow you to enter your fleet number and requirements in order to gain access to accredited suppliers across Ireland and, specifically, in your local area. This will allow you to compare prices, check out the different selling points these suppliers have to offer, and read useful online reviews.

Some popular Irish suppliers include:
• Quartix, who are currently offering free installation and the first three months free of charge
• Blackbox Telematics, a cutting edge system offering vehicle tracking, asset tracking, personal tracking and driver behaviour at a competitive daily cost; and
• Iceman, who supply RAC Trackstar, a system with a range of benefits endorsed by the police and the RAC.

Please speak to a member of our team at Expert Market Ireland to find the best GPS tracker for your business. Simply fill out the form at the top of this page.

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