EPOS Till Software for Your Business Transactions

The Value of EPOS in an Uncertain Economy

Statistics recently released by CSO (Civil Society Organisations) show that the volume of Irish retail sales in December 2012 was down by 0.1 per cent; among some of the lowest reported in the past 10 years.


This follows a year of further declining sales which has seen a reduction in the sector by 25 per cent since the recession began in 2009. Frank Gleeson, Chairman of Retail Ireland, commented on the report stating, "We have a long way to go before the retail sector returns to good health."

With the beleaguered retailers in need of all the help they can get, Ireland's EPOS till software suppliers are delivering a range of highly effective systems designed to optimise efficiency, drive sales and productivity and enhance profitability.

Options for EPOS Solutions

With over 30 years spent in development, the Uniwell AX3000 is an EPOS system which is fully customisable to suit any retailing or hospitality environment from multiple retailers and independent boutiques to bars and coffee shops, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels.

Software capabilities include:

A cash and stock control application which will record every transaction, providing an individual report for each operator. This allows for the easy identification of any fraudulent behaviour or unauthorised use of the system. A simple reconciliation process delivers an end of shift or end of day comparison of the contents of the cash drawer with the computed sales totals. The stock control system is provided as standard on the AX3000 and allows an accurate real time report of all stock levels held within the branch or company.

The system may be individually customised to configure XML formatted sales information to a universal data smart F/P remote server, allowing for the production of detailed reports for use in forward planning and maximising productivity.

CRM (customer relationship management) tools are delivered with specialised software programs managing customer loyalty schemes, promotional events and preferred client discount opportunities. Reporting allows for the speedy evaluation of the success (or failure) of any particular event.

At a time when all retailers are particularly aware of the security of their staff, customers and stock, the AX3000 may also be linked to CCTV, providing video footage of every terminal on the shop floor.

Alternative EPOS Till Software

An alternative EPOS option is provided by the Sage 50 which offers a highly configurable, cost effective system designed to streamline the sales process and deliver the retailer total control over every element of his business. The logistical structure of the system may be defined to suit the specific needs of the user, incorporating key phrases and terminology familiar to staff, making the whole unit highly user friendly. The screen interface can be independently configured to suit the capabilities of each staff member, minimising the instances of errors and allowing for a reduction in staff training time and the levels of personal security clearance.

In order to keep it simple for the customer, the terminal is configured to process a comprehensive range of payment methods from cash and cheques to credit and debit cards, gift cards and vouchers or a combination of currencies and methods. Client refunds and exchanges may be transacted through the same terminal which also features a capability for processing sales to account customers. At the same time, customer data capture is provided through postcode verification which can be used to assist in many back office applications.

Additional features include complete control of pricing, stock control and merchandising, allowing the retailer to track profitability through comprehensive reporting configured by product, assistant, terminal or department.

There are a number of highly reputable EPOS suppliers delivering first rate systems from the leading manufacturers directly to the Irish market. Further details and advice may be obtained by contacting their customer service teams directly.

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