Which EPOS System to Buy

Supporting Irish Businesses

Since moving into the EPOS sector over 20 years ago, Uniwell have become market leaders and supply their products throughout the UK and worldwide. Their distributor for the Irish market is Unipos Systems Ltd who run their operations from the Sword Enterprise Park in Dublin. Their comprehensive range of solutions can be tailored to suit specific business needs, whether in the retail or hospitality sector, and can offer a new dimension to the control of services of day to day operations.

Sales analysis reporting capabilities will allow for speedy reactions to customer purchasing habits, or for monitoring the impact from competitors marketing. Cost control applications will provide the ability to deliver greater profitability through improved efficiency and allow the sales and management teams to fine tune their systems for optimum effectiveness.


What Solutions are Available?

There are three basic types of EPOS technology:
1. cash registers
2. EPOS embedded systems and
3. PC-EPOS Systems

All three have their place in different sectors depending on the differing business needs.

A cash register will deliver a network enabled application which will allow connection of the system within a single outlet or multiple branches. It allows businesses to share communication and data through the use of bar-code scanners, kitchen printers (for the hospitality market) and to back office stock control.

One of the cash register solutions available from Unipos is the Uniwell QX8000F. This durable, cost effective model offers integrated Ethernet connection and allows for configuration to transfer data for web based analysis. The printer provides an electronic and paper audit roll and customer receipts. For those in the hospitality sector, this can also be applied to drinks or food orders, or for ticketing admissions.

For a satisfied customer of Unipos Systems, you need look no further than Irish Ferries. They recently installed 40 satellite linked broadband chip and pin terminals on 4 of the company's ferries. Passengers may now shop till they drop, even when in the middle of the North Sea!

EPOS Embedded Systems

This provides an excellent solution for high volume environments such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs and retail outlets where speedy transactions are essential. Available with either touchscreen or keyboard operation, these models are designed for integration on PC-based networks.

The support of back office software packages allows for the analysis of daily and weekly sales reports, stock control, price management and ordering. Delivering greater functionality than a basic cash register, they offer the optimum system integration for applications such as loyalty software, CCTV cameras, hospitality packages and kitchen ordering printers.

Built to provide a robust, reliable, low maintenance solution with a lower TCO (total cost of ownership), they have delivered excellent service to users such as Dublin based Gibneys of Malahide and the Kylemore restaurant chain both of whom Unipos Systems are proud to supply.

The Uniwell DX915 EPOS is a user friendly system with a 15" colour touch screen which offers speedy service and flexible software configuration to different sectors of the market. Simple to use, it allows for the efficient management of customers and, for restaurant applications, the concise printing of orders. Cash control is simplified with real time sales analysis, providing the opportunity to react quickly to customer habits, reducing errors and improving 'the bottom line'.

With no hard drive or moving parts, the model has an integrated solid state memory and offers a raft of optional functions such as; bar code scanners and handheld ordering, kitchen printers, HQ management and back office control systems, integration for chip and pin and smart card/cash free payments.

PC/EPOS Systems

These contemporary applications now incorporate touchscreen technology and provide an all in one, user friendly solution. Best suited to multiple applications, these systems allow for the same hospitality or retail software on the same system as a booking function making it a good option for the hotel industry. It also delivers the flexibility for integration to third party devices, remote log in to view real time data and for software upgrades and support.

Powered through an Intel Celeron M1.5GHz processor, the Uniwell IX-IS PC-EPOS system is a space saving, all in one model which features a 15" touchscreen which allows sales staff to locate products and transact sales quickly and efficiently.

The comprehensive options of interface ports delivers excellent connectivity to associated devices such as cash drawers, scanners and printers and its robust construction makes it an ideal solution for the most challenging of hospitality or retail environments. Having a customer facing LCD display allows for the opportunity to show advertising features at point of sale, and, displaying Uniwell's commitment to the environment, has a low energy consumption, eco friendly feature and is fully RoHS compliant.

If you would like to join Unipos Systems' portfolio of valued clients, such as the Russell Court Hotel in St Stephens Green Dublin, and face the ongoing economic challenges with the most effective EPOS technology available in your armoury, members of their customer service team would be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the optimum system to transform your business.

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