Coffee Machines in Ireland

Why Invest in a Coffee Machine?

Coffee machines and vending make for a great addition to any workplace or commercial premises and are appreciated by staff and customers alike. In fact, they offer a wide selection of benefits to all and can even provide a decent return on investment if you charge for each drink.

As a business owner, you have a range of options when it comes to arranging a coffee machine for your firm. You can buy, lease or allow a vending company to site one on your premises, but buying outright offers excellent long term value, and as the market is competitive, it won't break the bank.

Why Buy a Hot Drinks Vending Machine?

Most vending machines offer two options; charge and free vend. Free vending machines are a fantastic perk for staff, keeping them motivated and increasing productivity whilst reducing the time spent in the office kitchen boiling kettles and chatting.

They can also work out surprisingly cost effective, even on free vend, when you take into account the cost of coffee, tea, milk, crockery and heating that you already supply. And don't forget, visitors to your premises will also be grateful for your vending machine when it saves them from having to drink murky dishwater from Bob the Caretaker's chipped yellow mug.

Hot drinks vending machines can also net you a profit. Most people are happy to pay a nominal amount for a good cup of coffee, so at the very least you can easily break even. Add a premium to your charge and it becomes an extra revenue stream. The better quality your hot drinks selection, the more you can charge and the more you can make.

How Much will a Hot Drinks Vending Machine Cost?

The cost of your machine depends on just how good the machine is. At the bottom of the scale, you can buy a simple tabletop machine and these will set you back a minimum of EUR 1200, to a freestanding model from EUR 2600 upwards.

What Kind of Machine Should I Buy?

The type of machine you should purchase will depend upon your budget, the number of drinks you require it to vend each day, your available space and the quality of the drinks you wish to supply.

Most businesses opt for a mid-range, freestanding machine with a range of standard drinks (Kenco coffee, PG Tips tea etc.) as these cater for all tastes and budgets. The Astro, at EUR 3300, is a good example of this type of machine as it offers a huge variety of drinks, from instant coffee to hot soups.

At the budget end, the Vision Xtra is a popular choice. Costing as little as EUR 2150, the Vision is versatile, cheap and functional. It vends great tasting, standard instant coffee and is small and compact enough to perch in a table.

If you wish to serve premium hot drinks through your vending machine, there is a superb range of high end coffee vending machines available in Ireland. The Kobalto, for example, is a premium coffee machine, available in both instant and espresso versions. The instant machine will set you back around EUR 3200 and the espresso version around EUR 600 more.

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