Best Hot Drinks Vending Machines for Offices

Only The Best Will Do!

According to the Central Statistics Office, who have just released data from the 2011 Census, the number of employees in the Irish workforce (as of April 2011) stood at 2,232,203.

What is it that every one of that dedicated team cannot do without during the course of their working day in the office? A great cup of tea or coffee - making hot drinks vending machines a necessity.


With the rise of the coffee culture, which reached its height during the Celtic boom years, we all became used to the ready availability of our extra shot espresso or our low fat decaf latte with extra foam and sprinkles before we hit the office floor every day. Employers who think that their workforce will be happy with the solitary kettle in the staffroom, the dunked tea bag and the spoonful of instant with powdered milk are sadly mistaken.

We want the same quality of brew at work as we can get at Insomnia or Starbucks; perhaps we can forgo the extra marshmallows and gingerbread syrup, but the least we demand is an excellent cup of coffee or tea!

Countrywide Availability

Established in 1993, BDS Vending Solutions Ltd have now grown to be the largest independent supplier of vending solutions in Ireland. With offices in Dublin and Belfast, Cork, Galway, Sligo, Limerick and Wexford, they offer their services 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

One of their extensive ranges of vending solutions is manufactured by Italian based Necta; these high quality machines deliver stylish Italian design combined with the best of technical expertise which have made Italians renowned for their coffee brewing skills the world over.

For a larger office where a high volume of delivery is required, the Necta Astra is a stylish model with an attractive back lit display and curved facia ideal for the contemporary office. It occupies the minimum of floor space and can be supplied in a range of applications to suit every taste.

Options include:
• an Espresso model
• Espresso+2 coffee selections
• instant coffee selection
• a single Freshbrew and a double Freshbrew option, and
• a combined Espresso and Freshbrew option, providing optimum choice

Each of these applications has a 650 cup capacity to ensure constant delivery.

Smaller offices which need a tabletop machine could choose from the Koro range of options.

The Espresso machine will provide 8 choices of beverage including:
• traditional Espresso
• decaf
• Cafe Lungo
• Americano
• Macchiato
• Latte
• Cappuccino, and
• for the tea drinkers who prefer to bring their own bags, hot water

The Instant option delivers the same choice of beverages as the Espresso machine but with the addition of Mocha and Hot Chocolate.

The Freshbrew choice offers:
• filtered black coffee
• extra strength filtered black coffee
• filtered white coffee
• Latte
• Cappuccino
• Mocha
• Hot Chocolate and
• hot water

The Tea selection features
• black leaf and extra strength black leaf tea
• white leaf tea
• Espresso
• Americano
• Latte
• Cappuccino and
• hot water

Despite its small size, the system provides great capacity and will deliver:
• 50 cups of bean produced coffee and 50 cups of ground
• 155 cups of instant
• 200 cups of Freshbrew beverages and
• 33 cups of chocolate based drinks

BDS provide full supply, installation, maintenance and support services and will be happy to discuss specific requirements for an office vending solution.

The Established Provider

With over 30 years in the sector, Naas Vending Services of County Kildare have established a reputation amongst their customers for the expertise of their service and the excellence of their products. They are proud to supply technology from Spanish manufacturer, Azkoyen, who are renowned within the industry for the durability of the vending solutions and the high quality brew of their beverages.

The Sienna LE offers a 700 cup capacity and a choice of 14 different hot beverages. It is supplied with an Espresso module as standard, but customers may tailor operation to suit their requirements with the addition of a second module for high volume use or an 'instant only' application.

Thanks to its modular design, the machine is easy to maintain and has its own self-cleanse programme to ensure optimum standards of hygiene. It features a chrome plated facia for a stylish look and has a back lit advertising space and LED selection panel. Access to accounts data and sales reports are available through RS-232 or optional Bluetooth EVA DTS.

There is no need for the smaller office to miss out on high quality beverages which can be provided by the tabletop Tempo LE. It delivers a choice of 10 different hot drinks including Espresso based, instant coffee, a selection of teas and hot chocolate. It has a fully automatic operation and is extremely user friendly. Small though it may be, this little machine packs a punch with a 320 cup capacity and a 1.9kg coffee bean hopper.

Prices for the purchase or leasing of any of their machines may be obtained directly from a member of the sales team at Naas Vending.

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